How To Start A Security Company UK

How To Start A Security Company UK

With a devastating increase in crime rates, this is the perfect opportunity to establish a corporation that ensures public safety. This can be done by setting up a security company.

With over 5,723,182 recorded offenses, BBC reports a 7 per cent increase in overall crime rates in the 12 months after September of 2018. As the police force becomes more and more stretched, many want the involvement of private security forces to deal with these crimes. Doesn’t matter if you already work in a security company or want to establish your own, this guide can be helpful for you.

Ways To Launch Your Security Company

Considering you have built enough skills for a long-term career and you now want to establish your security company from scratch. These are five ways to get you started:

  • What is your area of specialisation?
  • Get yourself familiar with legal laws
  • Know what equipment your company will require
  • How to recruit staff for the company
  • How to advertise the security company

1. What Is Your Area Of Specialisation?

To make any kind of business flourish, it is vital to build your niche and the best place to find your area of specialty is your personal experience. This way, you will know exactly how security is supposed to be operated and your peers will praise you as a spectacular advisor.

Specialties to consider are as follows:

  • CCTV monitoring
  • door inspection
  • security of events
  • manned guarding
  • handling and arranging guard dogs
  • bodyguard protection

Just like any other business, you need to make sure that you are meeting existing demands and hence, the location of your business should be a top priority when making important decisions. To give an example, if your region does not require door security then there is no need to pursue that niche. Analyse already established businesses in your area and the demands of possible future clients. This research will most probably become a vital element of your business scheme. Since all new businesses need set plans to flourish, it is important that you plan your way out before launching the business.

2. Get Yourself Familiar With Legal Laws

When understanding legalities and its procedures, a reasonable place to begin is the SIA (Security Industry Authority). Since they are the ones responsible for the management of private security industries, you will get proper licensing and training. The licenses available for non-front line and frontline staff differ hence it is useful to research all options and what you will eventually have to apply for.

It is advisable to go through SIA’s ACS (Approved Contractor Scheme) when building up your company. SIA says this scheme allows your establishment the opportunity to make itself one of UK’s most renowned privately owned security services providers. To apply for it, the cost for micro-security corporations with about 10 staff members who are licensable is £400 along with a £15 yearly registration fee.

There are other accreditations and certificates available as well, such as CHAS, SafeContractor, ISO 9001, and NSI. It is also important to choose a legalised structure for the business, will it be a limited company or sole trader? All have their advantages and disadvantages, which are imperative to consider beforehand.

What About Your Security Company's Insurance?

As with any business, operating one is a difficult task with several risks involved, hence a good insurance policy is absolutely vital. The following are key covers to make up your security company’s insurance:

  • Insurance for professional indemnity ­– covers faulty service or advice you have given to clients
  • Insurance for employer liability – If your business is one with employees, then this is legally required. In case an employee has gotten sick or injured when working for your business, it covers the cost of that claim ­otherwise you can be fined over £2,500 daily if you do not have one and require it
  • Insurance for public liability – in case someone from the general public gets injured or suffers a loss due to your business, then this insurance covers the cost of that claim

3. Know What Equipment Your Company Will Require

Usually, this relies on what kind of services you are providing. Nonetheless, important equipment can be:

  • alarms for security guards who are alone
  • medical kits
  • recording equipment and cameras
  • flashlights
  • pens and notebooks to take down information and incidents
  • smartphones and two way radios

It is important to note that if you require staff, they will have to be provided with specialist uniforms. This is necessary as uniforms showcase the professionalism of your business and can also have its logo on it. Furthermore, you also need to think about having essentials such as visibility jackets, long-lasting footwear, and protection vests.

4. How To Recruit Staff For The Company

When you first start your business, you might not require employees but as your company flourishes, they can be useful in the form of frontline security guards or just as a helping hand for you. Though despite the employee’s type, it is essential to hire the most skilled workers. In order to attract potential employees, you can advertise on social media, your website, and on specialist as well as general job boards. You might as well recruit a person you already know that suit the role or is in contact with somebody who is perfect for the job.

It is important to take into account the fact that your security guards require expert training and the right type of licenses. If you deal with these things when hiring, you will save yourself from future inconveniences. You will also have to know the amount of money your staff will be paid, this should be adjusted it in your planned finances. Importantly, when you’re a new business, it is financially less burdening to hire freelancers of subcontractors instead of fulltime staff.

5. How To Advertise The Security Company

Finding clients is your next step.

This is the point where your past experiences prove their usefulness, as existing contacts might be impatient to hire you. Apart from that, the following are some ways to effectively advertise your business:

  • build a brand – an effective brand will largely impact your marketing. The logo is a smart place to begin, which can be used on leaflets, your vans, and website.
  • build a website and create a social media profile – attract potential clients efficiently. Your website needs to have a list of services offered as well as contact information and should also be optimized enough so it is easily found on Google. Most significantly, social media is an effective method of communication with potential and existing clients.
  • target your ideal customer – the type of clients you want to reach must have been specified in your plan. In case it isn’t, you should do it right away because it will be useful in reaching out to clients that might be interested in your services – either through email marketing, leaflet advertisement, or traditional printed adverts.
  • apply and bid on contracts – even though there is quite a lot of competition, you should still be on the lookout for online portals, apply for contracts on security, or bid on them. There are government owned contract finder websites as well as other ones that you can access.
  • contact possible future clients – making conversation with people is an effective way to attract potential customers. You can talk to bigger companies who require security or even individuals, giving them information on your services offered and why you would be a better option than some other company.
  • request referrals from existing clients – after you have a client and they are satisfied with the services, do not hesitate in requesting them to refer you to people they know. Referrals are an effective method to bring in new clients.

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